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We offer homemade Slovenian dishes, sea and saltwater fish, delicacies from the international cuisine, and game dishes. During the week you can enjoy freshly prepared lunches, and on Sundays guests can choose from eight different lunch menus. We must also mention the famous house delicacy – roasted chicken or Pugelj chicken and a large variety of desserts.

If you are pressed with time, we also deliver lunch!



The Pugelj inn can host up to 250 guests and it is a perfect setting for all types of larger groups, gatherings, and various celebrations. The interior is divided into three spaces which enables more privacy, and guests can also stay at the covered terrace in the summertime.

This year we also arranged accommodation spaces for up to 19 persons. Thanks to our fenced playground for children, parents can have an enjoyable and carefree stay. Next year we are also preparing a renovation of the exterior of the inn by arranging an additional space for wedding receptions.

Contact us if you would like to reserve a space for a wedding reception or a large group.

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We are very proud to be able to offer completely new rooms for up to 19 persons. You can choose between eight rooms whereby we have double and triple rooms. For more information on rooms contact us using the link below.

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