About us

Few words about us

The Pugelj inn has a long-standing tradition. For more than 60 years lovers of good local culinary delights and homemade specialties have been coming to this inn located in the shelter of the Trška gora. Over the years the inn has changed owners and its image so much that it has now become a pleasant mix of long-term tradition and modern comfort.


Why Pugelj INN?

The older residents of Novo Mesto may still recall the old guest room decorated with wallpaper with an image of the Triglav mountain and a picture of the then president Josip Broz Tito. Many people know the story about choosing the first Princess of the Cviček wine, Marija Lea Colarič. This contest was held at our very inn. Guests who have visited in recent years undoubtedly remember our house specialty - the roasted chicken also known as the Pugelj chicken – named after the previous owners of the inn – Marija and Pepca Pugelj.



Our goal is to maintain the pleasant homely feeling in our inn while also keeping up with renovations, restorations and refreshments. It is the latter that provides comfort and spaces for our guests where they can enjoy a daily meal, a celebration or a wedding reception.